Ice Ball Mold: This two-piece plastic mold makes 4 50mm ice balls. The ice ball was invented by Japanese bar tenders. They hand carve the ball from a single block of ice. 

The sphere has the least amount of surface area compared to volume of any shape. This means that ice balls melt much slower than traditional ice cubes. This is of great benefit to scotch whiskey drinkers who like relax and sip their drinks slowly. Using standard cubes means there is a clock ticking and only a certain amount of time before your drink will become watery.

 Ice balls more than double the melting time compared to ice cubes.

 This Ice Ball maker produces the ice that a quality drink deserves. They are not just for Scotch, either. They can be used to serve any kind of chilled drink that you don't want diluted including high quality spirits and even wines.

This ice ball maker is made from molded plastic with a temperature rating of between 120C and -20C. It is a great bargain compared to other ice ball machines being offered on the internet which can cost in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

I've seen creative Japanese chef's use these for other purposes such as making sherberts and Italian Ice desserts, champagne jello's with strawberries suspended in them, and ice sculpture.


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